What should I do?

Many councils and water companies are what can only be described in some instances as lethargic with regards to reacting and using their powers to stimulate progress form the offending developer. As hardworking council tax and water rate paying individuals these adopting parties have a duty to us the residents in demonstrating that positive movement towards achievement is achieved.

The greatest launch pad to provoking activity in these instances is undoubtedly ......People Power!

Should you feel aggrieved that your sewers, highway or Public Open Space is not adopted despite you being promised this would happen we recommend you contact your local council highways department and enquire as to the status of you highway;

Is my site adopted? If Not........Is a Section 38 Agreement (Public Highways Act 1980)? In Place? If So....... Why have you therefore not adopted the highway as promised? What are you doing to prompt the developer to complete the works to allow the adoption to take place?

In cases where acceptable answers are not given ie; A response detailing what is being done and projected date of adoption there are a number of actions that can be undertaken and have proven successful such as*;

We are ultimately here to guide, advise and empower neglected and at risk residents to leading a successful campaign to compel your developer and adopting party to complete the works required to achieve adoption.

*Required contact details, template letters or further advice can be provided by contacting us on info@raag-online.org.uk

What If You Do Not Have The Time To Do This!?

Please note should you not have the time to complete the above we at RAAG can undertake many of the actions on your behalf, all we need is an e mail or from you or the details of your housing estate to be entered onto our Register Of Unadopted Sites.

Upon receipt of e mail or registration of your site we can undertake all the necessary investigations and application of people power / political pressure and will pursue acceptable resolution of the matter on your behalf.

Please note although we are more than happy to act on your behalf to the best of our ability (free of charge) as we are often at times managing a high volume of campaigns on sites up and down the country this is completed on pure voluntary basis and we can not guarantee to be able to react as quickly as when a campaign is being spearheaded by an affected resident themselves.

The greatest launch pad to provoking activity in these instances is undoubtedly
... People Power!

A proven track record of helping frustrated residents to achieve adoption of their highway and sewers.