Risks & Disadvantages

There are a number of alarming factors and issues that residents are often unaware of when living in an un-adopted site. Below are just a sample of the concerning issues that should serve as a huge motivator for residents campaigns and demonstrate the exposure that residents are often unaware of when inhabiting an housing estate where the infrastructure (roads, sewers, Public open space) are not adopted.

The Negativities and Risks Of Living On An Unadopted Site

There are a whole host of additional issues that we are able to advise and comment on should you have any specific queries.

You are not receiving any reduction in your council tax or sewer discharge / water rates even though your roads and sewers are not adopted or being maintained by your council!!!!

The greatest launch pad to provoking activity in these instances is undoubtedly
... People Power!

A proven track record of helping frustrated residents to achieve adoption of their highway and sewers.