The `Un-adopted` Site Register

We believe that offending developers who have not yet achieved adoption of a housing estate despite it being a statutory requirement by them in addition to having made a promise to its customers when selling the home should be named and shamed.

You can register your site with R.A.A.G today and we can / will undertake one of the following actions according to your request: 

OPTION 1 Registration of your estate on our `Name & Shame` register which we intend to use to increase the publicity of the issues with government bodies such as OFWAT, Department of Transport, Central Government, DEFRA.
OPTION 2 Registration of the site to receive further information and guidance from R.A.A.G to aid you in leading your own campaign for adoption.
OPTION 3 Registration of the site and instruction for R.A.A.G to lead a campaign on your behalf with the offending builder, council and water company.


 Please complete the form below and click submit to register your site.


Should your site already have been registered with R.A.A.G you will be informed and added to the list of stakeholders whom are to receive notification of any significant issues and contact with the various parties.
The greatest launch pad to provoking activity in these instances is undoubtedly
... People Power!

A proven track record of helping frustrated residents to achieve adoption of their highway and sewers.