Isn't it time you lost your R.A.A.G!?

R.A.A.G is a non profit making organisation founded to provide help, support and advice to residents who live on housing estates where the sewers, roads or public open space have not been adopted (transferred from private to public).

It is estimated that there are thousands of instances throughout the UK where the house builder and local authority have signed legal agreements promising adoption of the sewers and highway will be achieved, yet years later it remains `un-adopted`.

The original builder is often less than eager to achieve adoption. This is because it is often the case that works are required to bring the scheme to an, `Adoptable standard` but the associated cost of these works are often regarded by the builder as an unnecessary use of the significant profits already received when you paid for your home.

Local councils are often also less than motivated in fulfilling their promise to the residents to adopt a site as they are already receiving 100% of the council tax even though they are not maintaining your highway! Local water companies are also often guilty of not exercising the rights and powers they have as they are also already receiving 100% of the water rates from you for the sewer system you utilise that is not even yet in their ownership!

We formed our support group after successfully using people power and contacting our MP and ensuring our councils stopped fobbing us off and eventually adopted our highway after almost 10 years of living on an unsafe and unmaintained highway.

We now have a proven track record of helping frustrated residents to achieve adoption of their highway and sewers, providing support, assistance and vital knowledge we learned through experience.
Jim Codd, Principle Campaigner


Jim Codd

Principal Campaigner
Resident Adoption Action Group

The greatest launch pad to provoking activity in these instances is undoubtedly
... People Power!

A proven track record of helping frustrated residents to achieve adoption of their highway and sewers.
RAAG recently campaigned with the BBC consumer rights programme, Rip Off Britain, on an unadopted road case.